Yamba Sewage Treatment Plant

Location: Yamba, New South Wales

Client: Haslin Constructions

Project Background:
Moddex were selected by Haslin Constructions to supply WHS compliant handrails with toeboards for stairs, elevated walkways and platforms for the Yamba Sewerage Treatment Plant. While the design brief nominated traditionally fabricated solutions, our proprietary Alymag Stainless Steel systems were ultimately selected for modular flexibility, no-weld assembly, advanced corrosion resistance and cost efficiencies.

Products/configurations used on project:
Alymag Tuffrail - TR20
Alymag Tuffrail - TR20

Why was Moddex product selected?
The Yamba Sewerage Treatment Plant handles large flows of water, wastewater and chemical treatments. With corrosion resistance as a key driver for a quality, long-term solution, Moddex presented technical data on the composition of our Alymag range to demonstrate compliance with Australian Standard 1657 and corrosion resistance. Our no-weld construction methods made installation safer on-site streamlining the installation process, enhancing corrosion resistance and eliminating costly site shut-downs, firespotters or hot works permits.

Our systems were delivered off-the-shelf direct to site over three stages in line with the project’s construction phases. With installation required at elevated levels, a prefabricated alternative would have resulted in interruptions to construction and the co-ordination of bulky items via cranes to elevated areas. Delivered and installed in-line with construction phases as required, Haslin Constructions eliminated the cost of temporary fencing while protecting workers through each construction phase.

Moddex delivered quality project support, including on-site measurements to establish accurate order numbers, CAD drawings and installation instructions for seamless project delivery.

Client comment/feedback:
"In the past we have used systems that require welding on site. You need skilled workers to install with generators, welding equipment and a hot work permit with stand-by persons for fire watch. The Moddex system could be installed by any of our on-site labourers as a fill-in job and exactly when required for safety reasons, which saved us time and money by not having to use temporary fencing for barricading. The Moddex system doesn’t require welding and is therefore very easy to install. It is also easy to modify on site, if there are changes in design or add-ons are required."

Claudio Garrido, Estimating Manager / Rico Karlsen,
Senior Project Engineer