Mountain Creek State High School

Location: Mountain Creek, QLD

Client: Batir Constructions

Project Background:
Mountain Creek State School is an exciting educational community, well known for its high educational standards, supportive school culture, its engaging educational programs and a wide range of student achievements.

Mountain Creek SHS made the decision to expand its existing facilities, and engaged Batir Constructions in early 2014 to manage the project due to their previous experience in other school expansions and their reputation for quality.

Products/configurations used on project:

  • Assistrail - AR30
  • Assistrail - AR110
  • Assistrail - AR120

Why was Moddex product selected?
Moddex was the product of choice, as the builder was able to co-ordinate installation of the handrail as each section of the project was complete. The lead times involved in fabrication of traditional type handrails were slashed, and minor site adjustments could be made on the run.

The guarantee of compliance to AS 1428 and relevant BCA codes gave ultimate peace of mind and made Moddex handrails the obvious choice!