Cairns Connect Joint Venture

Location: Cairns, Queensland

Client: ALBEM/BMD Joint Venture

Project Background:
The $150 million 3.4km Cairns Bruce Highway Project [Queensland] was designed to ease congestion and queuing. Importantly, the project has also improved the safety for pedestrians, runners, cyclists and the disabled with the construction of a new multipurpose pedestrian bridge.

Products/configurations used on project:
A modified version of Bikesafe BS45 was used on this project to achieve the desired offset for the top rail. Our design team worked closely with the engineers and to the requirements of the existing specification to ensure we were meeting and exceeding expectations.

Why was Moddex product selected?
Our client selected Moddex because of its versatility and the cost savings that could be achieved by installing the pre manufactured components themselves. By installing themselves, our client saved money by not having to hire temporary edge protection, or specialist trades/welders.

They completed the install within three weeks, to which they commented 'this is a 50 per cent saving on time and effort compared to a custom built system.'

Client comment/feedback:
"We had initially provided plans for a wholly fabricated, traditional balustrading system that would arrive on-site as a complete unit. But this may have resulted in construction delays, excessive temporary edge protection costs and large-scale delivery requirements that Moddex avoided for us."

"CairnsConnect is definitely pleased with our Moddex partnership and the value the organisation brings to us and our customers."