Moddex Products

Barrier Systems


Assistrail® - Disability Handrails

Engineered for walkways, stairs and ramps with smooth connections for a safer finish. Easily modified for standard and fire stair configurations.. AS1428 compliant.

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Bikesafe® - Bikeway Barriers

Engineered for footpath and bikeway safety, providing protection for pedestrians and cyclists travelling at speed. Austroads compliant.

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Conectabal® - Commercial Balustrade

Prevent injuries or falls from elevated areas, retaining walls, ramps and stairs. Retrofittable, with standard and fire stair configurations available. NCC / BCA compliant.

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Nexus® - Perimeter Protection

Customisable bollard and rail perimeter demarcation barriers for use across sports and recreation centres, carparks and footpaths.

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Tuffrail® - Industrial Guardrails

Robust guardrail protection for your workers across mezzanines, pedestrian walkways, service platforms and fall edges. Yellow options available. AS1657 compliant.

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Tuffstop® - Trolley Bays & Safety Bollards

Storage for trolleys at shopping complexes and airports. Industrial safety bollards for pedestrian and equipment protection. Load tested to AS1170.

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Safety Accessories

Flexalyte® - Kerbrail System

A Kerbrail system configured for disability ramps and walkways. Easily retrofittable to existing or new handrails and balustrade systems. AS1428 compliant.

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Intac® - Tactile Indicators

Tactile indicators for ramps, stairs and walkways for the blind or visually impaired. Ceramic tile or self-adhesive PVC options available. AS 1428 compliant.

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Tredmaxx® - Non Slip Safety

Non-slip surfacing and stair nosing for internal or external platforms, stairs and walkways. Available in a range of profiles and grits. AS1428 / AS4586 compliant.

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Tuffgard® - Toeboard System

Toeboard systems for protection against falling objects from elevated platforms, walkways and mezzanines. Retrofittable to new or existing guardrails. AS1657 compliant.

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