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Moddex no-weld water and fire tank guardrails deliver more

Over the last 5-8 years, water tanks have become the backbone of any storage systems in every Australian state. It cannot be argued that the installation of water and fire tank guardrails is fundamental to ensuring the safety of staff and contractors when undertaking maintenance or other activity on top of these increasingly important large water tanks.

But a key to ensuring this safety precaution occurs is the costs associated with the installation of these guardrails. Speed of installation, closely associated with ease of installation, will ensure that all water and fire tanks have the essential safety barriers needed.

Today, Moddex handrail, balustrade and barrier no-weld systems are increasingly used to protect life and equipment in raised platforms such as those identified in water and fire tank areas.

Working with multiple councils throughout Australia, Moddex is carving out a name for itself as it increasingly provides to local governments a solution that delivers pre-configured, no-weld systems meeting strict installation requirements and resulting in rapid, easy and robust implementations of industrial-grade guardrails and balustrades.

Water tank guardrails
Fire tank guardrails

The unique Moddex™ design and range of handrail, balustrade, guardrail and barrier systems are easily modified and extended dependent on the required application. All modular galvanised tubular sections are constructed of structural steel, combining strength, durability, versatility and cost efficiency while meeting all Australian Standards and NCC/BCA and WHS (Work Health & Safety) requirements.

The modular design eases the logistics of raising the barriers ad handrails to the heights involved in water and fire tanks. The fact there is no need to weld the various components is a recognised safety, cost and time factor for councils.

No hot work permits are required and no toxic fumes hazards are generated. Additionally, there is no need for a welder, drilling, threading or bolting while the chances of corrosion are significantly reduced. Stainless steel, anti-vibration locking screws provide lasting confidence in these unique modular barrier systems.

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