News Release

Moddex offers the fastest turnaround in handrail supplies for Australia’s tough mining sites

Over the last four weeks, Moddex Systems has supplied the Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) in excess of 1,500 metres for its Western Australian Kanji 1800 man mining camp site – with 100s of metres soon to follow. The significance of supplying the robust Moddex Tuffrail handrails and guardrails is the short lead time given to the Moddex West Australian distributor. One 500 metre order required a 2.5 hour turnaround with a hotshot truck arriving to transport the handrails 16 hours to the Pilbara mine site.

Moddex, due to its modular design, kit form and off-the-shelf availability, is one of the few manufacturers to deliver handrails, balustrades and guardrails to anywhere in Australia both cost effectively and at very short notice.

All Tuffrail handrails have been installed by FMG’s site contractors. This is simplified due to the fact that no onsite welding or hot works are needed and no specialist skills for installation are required. Independently load tested to AS 1657, Moddex handrails offer reduced risk of corrosion, as the galvanised surface is not burnt off by welding. Moddex safety handrails design and configurations have tough environments, such as mine sites, in mind ensuring that these safety barriers offer proven protection from ‘no go’ zones .

Due to the innovative design, all of Moddex’s distributors are able to hold stock of different handrail lengths and associated fittings, to meet all configurations needs whether in stairways, sloped or straight areas. This and the ease of installation, is making Moddex the supplier of choice for galvanised handrails in mining sites. All orders can be processed and turned around in a very short space of time.

Moddex will continue to supply the Kanji mining camp with more of its Tuffrail industrial rated handrails and guardrails as the camp continues to grow and the orders keep coming in!