News Release

Moddex ensures safety handrails and safety guardrails deliver the ultimate emergency exit facilities at Airport Link

Moddex Systems was selected by Thiess John Holland to supply the handrail system required for the emergency exit tunnel of the 6.7 kilometre underground Brisbane Airport Link - Australia’s largest road infrastructure project. The project managers were impressed with the design, engineering and end result of the Moddex handrail and guardrail systems.

Moddex worked directly with Thiess John Holland for the 4.5 kilometre central section of the $4.8 billion project [Kedron]. Moddex was found to be always responsive, delivering in a timely fashion on all our orders.

Because the two systems installed, Assistrail and Tuffrail, were pre-designed and configured, ordering was a simple calculation from our end. The ready to assemble, modular kit form, enabled the contractors to order the handrails and guardrails in a just-in-time manner with the added benefit of not requiring to store product onsite. The rapid delivery of the units, including off-loading, made the ordering process very simple throughout the project. All timelines and deadlines were able to be met.

Thiess John Holland staff undertook the installation of the handrails and guardrails. No specialist training was required due to the modular design and the fact that staff did not have to undertake any on-site welding. This also ensured that a safer environment within the constricted tunnel area was ensured. The systems met all compliance requirements.

Because Moddex handrails and guardrails are fully modular, no welding or fabrication is needed resulting in the market’s most rapid and easily installed galvanised guardrail system requiring no specialist trades or tools, no hot works permits, no toxic fumes. The high corrosion resistant handrails can be supplied in a range of paint finishes to suit any application.