News Release

Moddex Systems Supplies Innovative Modular Protection Products for all of Australasia

Moddex Systems is a top Australian supplier of safe modular handrail and balustrade solutions that can be installed safely without the use of outsourced labour or additional welding.

Australian companies need quality solutions for securing property perimeters and controlling crowds. Moddex Systems has proven to be a quality producer of galvanised handrails, safety guard rails and balustrades. Moddex Systems supplies quality modular protection solutions to all industries in Australia such as mining, construction, transportation and public utilities. This is because all companies have some form of property that needs to be secured.

Whether it is in the form of street balustrades, safety guard rails or pedestrian barrier, Moddex Systems is the company that can supply all of your needs. They have cost effective products that can be installed on company premises without the aid of extra labor. In addition, no additional welding is needed during installation. Not only will this cut down on time, but it can also save money.

The team at Moddex Systems are experts in producing off the shelf products that can be transported to anywhere in Australia. Companies will keep their employees, property and customers safe with the use of balustrades and modular railing. Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Hobart and Adelaide are all cities that can benefit from the use of Moddex Systems safety solutions.

Moddex Systems is an industry leader that is ISO 9001 2008 certified. It has as distinctive reputation for providing Australian well manufactured products that are not only safe, but also easy to install. Moddex Systems delivers quality safety products to all parts of Australia in a short amount of time. If you need great modular products, the team at Moddex Systems is there to help.