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Ground Breaking Commercial and Industrial Trolley Bays

The Moddex™ range of handrail and balustrade systems includes the ground breaking Ezibilt™ commercial and industrial trolley bay systems ensures the full protection of pedestrians and vehicles from trolleys not being housed appropriately when not in use. Additionally, trolley bay enclosures protect trolleys from the elements, extending the longevity of each trolley.

Ezibilt trolley bays and barriers are easily modified and extended dependent on the required application while meeting all Australian Standards and NCC/BCA and WHS requirements. The modular galvanised tubular sections are constructed of structural steel, combining strength, durability, versatility and cost efficiency.

The modular design removes many of the hazards associated with traditional welded or bolted structures. Because no welding is required, safety levels are improved greatly while ensuring consistent quality. No hot work permits are required to install Ezibilt trolley bays and barriers and no toxic fumes hazards are generated. There is no need for a welder, drilling, threading or bolting while the chances of corrosion are significantly reduced.

Ezibilt trolley bays are available single or double sided to suit the needs of shopping complexes, airports and other similar outlets. Stainless steel, anti-vibration locking screws with vandal proof fixing accessories provide lasting confidence in these unique modular trolley bay systems.

Savings are made in all areas of trolley bay and barrier installation requirements: cost of design and fabrication, unlimited configurations suit every application and, importantly, lead times will no longer be blown out by fabrication with each installation time being reduced by up to 50 per cent.

Go to for more information. The Moddex range of revolutionary modular handrails, guardrails, balustrades and barriers eliminates the disadvantages of traditional welded systems, resulting in high corrosion resistance products. Moddex systems reduce safety hazards during delivery and are easily configured with no specialist tools required during installation.