Moddex Announces Conectabal™, The Ultimate Balustrades Perth Residents Require

When it comes to balustrades, Perth residents have one business to turn to: Moddex. That’s because they offer the latest in balustrade technology to all their customers.

Traditional balustrades have very similar problems across the board. They take a great deal of time to design and fabricate, they are limited to a specific design parameter, they often require welding onsite, and they aren’t exactly easy to install. In fact, some of them are extremely complex that they require professionals to install them properly. Moddex has eliminated all these common problems and many more with Conectabal™ Balustrade Systems.

The design time alone can make the need for new balustrades or guardrails cumbersome for any business. However, these items are necessary for the safety of employees, customers, and guests for many businesses and in some residential settings as well. Whether businesses need handrails in Brisbane or balustrading in Adelaide, Moddex has them covered with the incredibly versatile Conectabal™ system.

What does Conectabal™ really have to offer when it comes to handrails for Sydney businesses? These are only a few of the benefits business owners will experience when selecting Conectabal™ Balustrade Systems from Moddex:

  • No delays in design or fabrication

  • Simple installation process

  • Solid steel construction for maximum strength

  • Cost effective

  • Built to last

  • Practically limitless configuration options

  • Compliance with Australian Standards

  • No need for on-site welding

  • Numerous paint finishes for easy integration with business colour plans

In other words, there aren’t many downsides when it comes to dealing with this innovative balustrade system.

Perhaps one of the most important features for today’s business owner of the Conectabal™ system is its easy integration into existing logo and branding efforts. This means that business owners across the board can use this impressive balustrading system without abandoning their brand’s identity and logo recognition in the process. Stop sitting on the fence and see what Moddex is all about. Visit