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Conectabal Fully Galvanized Balustrade Systems Can Bring Security and Safety to Primary Schools

Conectibal galvanized balustrade systems from Moddex can be configured to comply with BCA standards for primary schools. As schools around Australia undergo renovations and are required to update their safety features, these steel balustrades are a must-have.

Conectabal ™ galvanized balustrade systems are the ultimate in quality and durability when it comes to choosing a rail system for a primary school. As schools are renovated across Australia, boards and councils would be well advised to carefully consider Moddex handrails and balustrades to ensure student safety.

The Conectabal ™ system has been specifically designed to adhere to the most stringent BCA standards regarding primary schools. The Conectabal ™ CB50 includes two offset handrails so as to comply with AS 1428 as well as BCA requirements for primary schools. This means that one handrail is fixed at a height of no less than 865mm, and the other runs at between 665mm and 750mm. The system comes in a variety of finishes and is fully galvanized. Unique design properties allow for it to be deployed in an unlimited number of configurations, and its stainless steel, anti-vibration locking screws ensure security and safety.

In addition to the Conectabal ™ system, Moddex also manufactures a handrail system for the disabled. This system, called Assistrail ™, is AS 1428.1-2009 compliant and is also well suited for use in primary. Its design and cost make it an ideal system with which to bring a school up to the latest Australian standards. Assistrail ™ handrails can be deployed on ramps, stairs, or any other such place where a handrail for persons with disabilities is needed. It too can be installed in an unlimited number of configurations, making addition to older buildings as simple as possible.

With full ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, Moddex has demonstrated its commitment to the quality and durability of its products. Facilities managers can rest assured that handrails and guardrails will stand the test of time and wear, regardless of the environment.

A brochure, as well as CAD information, is available from the Moddex website at:

Conectabal Balustrade Systems