Moddex Systems delivers robust pipe clamp and handrail fittings

Moddex continues to deliver unprecedented value for money to a variety of industries requiring handrails, balustrades and guardrails for the protection of both people and equipment. Typical applications include hand railing, safety guardrails, fencing of public places, warehouse and distribution safety walkways, pedestrian barriers, sports centres and wheelchair access ramps.

Having the right pipe clamp fittings is essential to ensure that your handrails are secured and safe for all uses. Make the right connection with pipe clamp fittings from Moddex Systems. Providing a full-circumference seal around the pipe, we offer a range of sizes to accommodate your handrails.

The off-the-shelf systems offer an extensive and versatile range of modular configurations, easily and quickly installed using pipe clamp fittings such as Interclamp that simply require a hexagon key to lock in the clamps securely. The range of Vandalstop and Tampersafe fittings protects against vandalism. No ball stanchions and their associated problems are required to create a robust handrail or guardrail.

Interclamp’s easily installed interchange clamps, pipe clamps and fittings ensure projects requiring Moddex handrailing and balustrading installations are completed quickly and well within budget. This is due to fewer components and none or minimal onsite configuration cutting.

Fast construction of varied structures is possible with minimum use of tools and tradesmen. Additionally, and importantly, transportation costs are heavily reduced in comparison to pre-fabricated solutions. Because no welding is required, companies eliminate the need to carry bulky welding equipment from site to site and also do not need to apply for hot works permits.

The combination of quality, outstanding value for money solutions and rapid delivery (components easily palletised for transportation) has resulted in Moddex becoming the supplier of choice in key projects throughout Australia.

Moddex is represented in each state by key distributors and offers a network of accredited installers for all handrail, balustrade and guardrail installations.

Pipe clamp and handrail fittings