SAFESTOP: Pedestrian Guard Rails to Improve Safety at your Workplace

Are you looking for the most cost effective and easy way of improving safety around pedestrian walkways at your workplace? Moddex has the solution for you with their innovative SAFESTOP pedestrian barrier systems.

Delivering Australia wide, Moddex proudly distributes these revolutionary hand rail systems to be implemented across a range of workplaces for a range of applications. Regardless of what hazards you may incur at your site, the SAFESTOP pedestrian barrier system will effectively navigate any danger and maintain the safety of your staff and workplace.

These modular, no-weld hand rails are flat packed for your convenience, making delivery and assembly as simple as ever:

Firstly, calculate the exact measurement requirements of safety rails at your workplace.

Secondly, order your flat packed modular SAFETSTOP barriers through one of their sales consultants.

Lastly, have your team install the barrier system utilising the most simple and streamlined methods possible: Moddex’s stainless steel inter-locking connection. This means NO welding or dangerous assembly is required, simply interlock the modular pieces and watch your SAFESTOP pedestrian barriers connect right before your eyes!

With a full range of features and additional optional connections to enhance safety even further, SAFESTOP is one of the safest ways to eliminate hazards around your pedestrian traffic areas:

  • Built with stainless steel locking screws – NO WELDING REQUIRED
  • Compliant with AS1657 load requirements
  • Powder coated in durable 'safety yellow' exterior coating
  • Manufactured in 2 metre long modules for simple assemble

When you're looking for a safe, affordable, and streamlined way of improving pedestrian safety at your workplace, choose SAFESTOP guardrails from Moddex and protect your workers as well as your company.