Moddex Modular Solutions Reduces Costs and Improves Safety

Moddex Systems offers companies a cost-effective solution in terms of handrails, balustrades and barriers. The modular nature of their products that use pipe clamp fittings instead of welding means that installation is not only faster and cheaper, but also much safer.

The company offers a wide range of products, including disability handrails, bikeway barriers, trolley bays and even industrial handrails among others. What all these product ranges have in common is that they are top quality, cost-effective and quick to install, offering a wide range of industries serious benefits, including the construction, mining, education and civil sectors to name a few.

The Benefits of Modular Solutions

The modular construction of the barrier solutions provided by Moddex means that customers can have their barriers up much faster than with other types of handrails and balustrades. Not only can installation be done in-house since specialist tradesmen like welders aren’t required, it also means it will take much less time. Additionally, companies aren’t required to take out hot work permits or worry about toxic fumes since it’s mainly an assembly job.

And since the systems are modular, this means customers can enjoy the same quality throughout as they don’t have to worry about poor welding work. Tube clamps simply require tightening and your balustrade or handrail will be up before you know it.

All this can save large amounts of money, especially since the cost of installation is minimal. And considering Moddex is well-known for their speedy and efficient delivery, customers don’t have to worry about time issues or losses incurred by delays.

Time and money can also be saved if customers opt for pre-coloured components, which is something Moddex offers. This way, when the handrail, balustrade or barrier system is delivered, it’s ready to go. Once installed, there won’t be any need to do a paint job or even any touch-ups due to the high quality of the coating.
Moddex’s Connectabal Product Range

One great example of the benefits of modular systems is the Conectabal commercial balustrade system, which is made from galvanised, solid steel, making it very strong and highly durable. It is a versatile system and can be used in a variety of applications due to the fact that there are practically unlimited configurations available.

This balustrade system is assembled using pipe clamp fittings and anti-vibration locking screws made of stainless steel which embed into the pipe to ensure a safe balustrade while also guaranteed quick and simple installation.

Like all Moddex products, the Conectabal balustrade system is designed to be in compliance with Australian Standards and since they have been pre-engineered, structural integrity is guaranteed.

Depending on your requirements, the Conectabal system can have a wide range of paint finishes applied, making installation even quicker. No need to worry about paint jobs or welding. Once the system is delivered, you can have it up in the blink of an eye and installation can be done by practically anyone.

Moddex Systems is an Australian company that produces top of the line handrails, balustrades and barriers. Their innovative approach to barrier solutions has made this company a preferred supplier for companies across a wide range of industries. Thus, the modular designs using tube clamps for assembly rather than welding has offered companies a great, cost-effective solution compared to traditional barrier, handrail or balustrade solutions.