Metal Balustrades and Handrails for Safety in Commercial Areas

Safety is one of the key considerations for most commercial organisations. This can be safety for employees and contractors working on-site, but it can encompass safety for any public access areas as well. They can be used as pedestrian barriers to improve safety, as well as highlight any potentially hazardous areas.

For this reason, choosing metal balustrades to provide safe walkway or stairway access can be an important decision. Likewise, so is the decision to use handrails, guardrails and balustrades to act as effective barriers between public access areas and any other areas where public may not safely be permitted to go.

Benefits of Modular Metal Balustrades

Choosing to create handrails and balustrades using a modular design offers several distinct benefits. Modular construction means that any balustrading can be custom-made and designed to suit any individual application quickly and easily. This allows for more flexibility of design, with an unlimited number of configurations possible, which is especially handy for locations where specific areas need to be designated.

As a modular design allows for continuous handrails without sharp sections or welded joints, this makes it ideal for use as disability railing for public access areas as well.

Another benefit to using modular construction is faster installation times. As individual sections and pieces of a balustrade can be delivered pre-designed, this allows for easy installation, with no special requirement to have trained tradespeople complete the task. For industrial or commercial applications, the speed of installation also means no need to shut down an area while the balustrade or guard rail is being installed, so there is no loss of productivity to worry about in most cases.

There is no welding required on-site to install modular balustrades, barriers or handrails. This eliminates the need for hot work permits. It also increases safety around the work site during installation, as there are no toxic galvanisation fume hazards to consider. Installation in wet areas is also considerably safer for these reasons.

Each of these factors all lead to modular metal balustrades being far more cost-effective for commercial or industrial use overall as compared to other options.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Metal balustrades from Moddex are created using galvanised steel. This ensures they withstand continuous exposure to the elements without corroding. The extremely durable nature of barriers, handrails and balustrades available actively reduces the level of maintenance required to keep them in good condition over the long term.

Additionally, commercial barriers and balustrades can be powder-coated in safety yellow. This helps to increase visibility of the balustrade or handrail, but also improves safety. Power-coating also means reduced maintenance, as there is no need to repaint or touch-up any areas.

Compliant with Australian Standards

All products available from Moddex are fabricated to comply with Australian Standards. When safety is paramount for any commercial or industrial application, it’s important to ensure all Safety Standards are adhered to.

Moddex can assist with any design specifications for individual applications and make recommendations for the most suitable, cost-effective solutions to suit any requirement. From there, balustrades and handrails can be designed and fabricated very quickly. They can be delivered flat-packed in kit form for fast, cost-efficient installation, or Moddex can arrange to have them installed directly through their network of national distributors.