Improve Safety with Quality Balustrades and Handrails

A variety of businesses need handrail, balustrade and barrier solutions and Moddex Systems provides all of that and more. Whether you need handrails at a restaurant near the steps or a fire stair handrail inside commercial premises, Moddex Systems provides the solution you are looking for.

Our company uses three types of criteria for your benefit – safety, cost effectiveness and fast, easy installation. All criteria is geared to ensuring that our customers are happy and will return to our company for all of their innovative handrail, balustrade and barrier solutions.

Moddex Systems is Australia’s premier company for everything to do with providing innovative handrail, balustrade and barrier solutions. From construction and mining companies to public utilities and transport companies; there is a need for handrail, balustrade and barrier products.

For instance, disability handrails and bikeway barriers are a must have product for a public building where there is foot and bike traffic. Picture the steps leading to a public library and you will realize how important handrail, balustrade and barrier products are in achieving a safe, welcoming environment to your customers and employees.

Why Use Moddex Balustrades and Handrails?

There are a variety of reasons to choose Moddex Systems. For example, we provide a modular construction, which is proven to reduce installation time and doesn’t have requirements for specialist trade. The delivery is fast and efficient and there is a pre-coloured option, which means that on-site touch ups are no longer needed. Since there is no welding involved not only is safety improved but you no longer need hot work permits or fire spotters and there will never be any toxic fumes. This also provides a no-shut down work environment and that always saves time and money.

Our products include:
•         Disability handrails
•         Bikeway barriers
•         Balustrades
•         Modular structures
•         Fire stair handrails
•         Pedestrian barriers
•         Pedestrian handrails
•         Industrial guardrails

Moddex Systems is an Australian owned company and as an industry leader, we have a commitment to continuously improving our products and processes. This is obtained by using our innovative research to develop quality products that are new and exciting, focusing on the customer and maintaining our corporate responsibility. We strive to have a negative impact on the environment by using low energy measures, fabrication and warehousing efficiencies, rigorous recycling procedures and by decreasing any carbon emissions.

Our handrails, balustrades, guardrails and barriers are not only cost effective but are easy to put together and install right on your site. We not only provide honesty and integrity to our customers but we uphold the highest of standards and ethics. We stand behind our goal to create customer relationships that are long-term. This allows us to better understand each customer’s needs and requirements for a product that fits their business style and need.

We are constantly finding new ways to better meet the needs of not only our current customers but our future ones as well. This keeps our company sharp and ready to meet any goal or need. Just a few of our customers include Brisbane Airport Link, Fortescue Metals Group and more. You can see our fine craftsmanship and products all over Australia. You will see how we pay attention to detail and quality just by checking out some of our installations. Safety, customer service, craftsmanship and quality is what we expect out of our company and we won’t deliver anything less.