Improve Safety with Modular Handrails in Brisbane Public and Industrial Locations

There are many instances where installing handrails can improve safety for residents in and around Brisbane. Most people associate the need for these alongside public walking tracks that cross creeks, streams or rivers.

However, handrails and safety barriers can also be used in a multitude of applications to improve public safety, including construction and mining sites, schools, and public utility locations.

Interlocking Modular Design
The outstanding feature of the Moddex system, regardless of the application, is the system’s ability to be customised to suit every application. Such applications include personnel safety barriers, hand rail and balustrade for stairs and access steps or ramps and balustrade for walking and cycling paths and bridges.

The Moddex system conforms to all relevant Australian standards, BCA and disability access codes. The flexibility of the system facilitates a complete and compliant installation for all applications further enhanced by the availability of "off-the-shelf" components enables installations to be carried out within very short time frames.

Easy Installation
Why Modular? – Simple, fast, trouble free installation without the need to engage specialist trades or services improves the bottom line and makes compliance an easy task.

The ‘no-weld’ interlocking design enables the installation to be quick without the need to finish welded joints and apply protective coatings, no hot work permits and no risk to installers from toxic welding fumes. Not only does Moddex provide a long term reliable and safe balustrade or handrail system for the public but it also provides a safe, easy system for the installer at the beginning.

Powder-coated Safety Colours
Every application is different. Moddex hand rail and balustrades are supplied in standard hot dipped galvanised finish, however, for aesthetics and colour co-ordination the system can also be supplied in a painted finish, colour to your choice.

As a result, this reduces maintenance time spent overall, keeping handrails and guardrails in good condition over the long term while providing a level of safety where it is required.

Industrial Guardrails
Many industrial plants and work sites can benefit by installing industrial guardrails around potentially hazardous sites and or equipment. This may include walkway access past machinery within a plant, loading docks, catwalk access along a mezzanine level, roof service areas, and other service platforms and stairway access locations.

Choosing modular guardrails for these applications can be extremely cost-effective. This is because installation does not require welding or hot works permits, so installation costs are minimized. There is also no safety risk with these types of barriers when installing in wet areas.

Additionally, as there is no welding activity during installation, there is no need to interrupt production in the location, so there is no loss of operation time. Pre-coloured safety barriers also eliminate the need for ongoing maintenance, further reducing costs.

All the handrail and guardrail systems provided by Moddex adhere to stringent Australian Standards, along with exceeding national and international industry standards at all times