Handrails: Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and All Parts of Australia

Does your company need affordable, quick and safe barrier solutions? Moddex Systems has inexpensive and fast prefinished solutions that can be installed without extra outside labour or permits. These solutions are available for all different types of industries such as construction sites, road construction companies, rail companies and even public utilities. Moddex Systems provides simple handrail and balustrade systems that are manufactured according to customer specifications and Australian Standards.

Moddex has a reputation for providing off the shelf solutions to locations all over Australia. National distributors such as Sentaur, Alltuff, Sayfa and Correct Safety inventory Moddex System products of all different sizes and configurations. Get great modular products when needed and in a timely manner. It does not matter if your company is in Brisbane and needs a quick solution for crowd control. Or, maybe your company is in the Canberra area and needs to get a quick delivery of handrails. Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane are just a few of the locations that Moddex Systems can deliver modular handrails, steel balustrades and other barrier products.

Why should you choose Moddex Systems for all of your handrail, balustrade and guardrail solutions? Many companies need an efficient solution for guaranteeing crowd control and waiting lines. This is the type of security that is needed for locations such as movie theatres, sporting events, restaurants and even financial institutions. Enjoy the convenience of having modular kits delivered to your location and ready for quick installation. Not only will these safety guard rails be up and in place in a short amount of time, but there will be no need for offsite labour or hot work permits. In addition, because these products are pre-engineered there is no welding required. This means that there won’t be any hazardous toxic fumes, which will make the worksite an even safer place. Moddex Systems is one of the best Australian manufacturers for safety modular structures. The following are just a few of its many offerings.

Assistrail- Disability Handrails

Although a majority of the population has no need for disability handrails, there are plenty of elderly and disabled people who cannot access many public and private locations without utilizing handrails. When it comes to customer service and accommodating their every need, businesses should not neglect or ignore this portion of the population. Installing disability handrails should not be considered an expensive inconvenience for most companies. View it as a way to build a lasting reputation with a portion of the population that is often ignored. Assistrail disability handrails are smooth and are manufactured according to AS 1428.1-2009. They have numerous configurations for areas such as ramps and stairs.

Safestop Modular Pedestrian and Industrial Barrier Products

Moddex Systems also manufactures pedestrian barriers for both commercial and industrial areas. A pedestrian barrier is a wonderful way to ensure worker safety by providing a secure barrier that will keep them away from hazardous areas. In addition, they are good for securing company equipment from pedestrians who could possibly come into contact with such valuable equipment while on the premises.

Bikesafe- Bikeway Barriers

Moddex Systems has great railing options for securing bikeways and paths. These railings are manufactured with hot dip galvanised steel, which is extremely durable and long lasting. The option exists to purchase traditional galvanised handrail barriers with additions such as horizontal rails to decrease the many opening sizes. Or, get barriers that have smaller openings and bypass the purchase of horizontal rails altogether. Either way, you are guaranteed to have a barrier solution that is pleasing to the eye, safe, durable and manufactured per Australian Standards.