Ezibilt Modular Trolley Bays: Enhancing Public Safety, Organisation

If you run a shopping complex, local supermarket, or are in charge of any other public space such as an airport, having a safe and organised area to store and keep trolleys is imperative for public safety. Moddex delivers the Ezibilt modular trolley bay system across Australian and New Zealand public spaces, offering a variety of solutions to suit specific applications.

These innovative commercial and industrial trolley bays come complete with modular galvanised tubular sections that are constructed of structural steel to create the most durable, versatile, and long-lasting installation. The fully modular design allows for a completely no-weld set up and implementation at your site, creating a safer and more affordable construction process.

Moddex’s Ezibilt trolley bay systems add systematic organisation and storage to your public site. The simple and cost-effective design and fabrication allows:

  • Unlimited configurations suit every application
  • No site welding, reducing safety hazards
  • Easy, rapid installation
  • Elimination of potential erosion
  • Pre-engineered designs ensure structural integrity

Whether you need trolley bays for your supermarket or are looking to enhance safety and structure at an airport, Ezibilt Modular Trolley bay Systems are guaranteed to provide the solution. Available in single or double sided designs to account for your trolley capacity, all systems are finished with stainless steel anti-vibration locking screws. These innovative screws are what eliminates the need for welding, and provide a stronger, more reliable construction.

Available with vandal-proof fixing and accessories, the unique Ezibilt modular trolley bays from Moddex are an asset to any public space. Fully compliant with strict Australian and New Zealand standards, complete your site with Ezibilt Modular Trolley Bay Systems. For more information, visit Moddex today.