The Benefits of Galvanised Handrails

Railings are a mandatory safety feature in many applications, from staircases in the home to barriers used to ensure workplace safety. Handrails are also used in a variety of situations where support is required, providing assistance to persons with disabilities, for example. When it comes to using hand railings in outdoor environments, it is usually best to opt for galvanised handrails for a number of reasons.

Galvanised Handrails Mean Lower Costs

First of all, galvanised handrails are made from steel that has been covered with a protective coating of zinc. This protects the metal from rusting and against the corrosive elements of outdoor environments. Thus, galvanised handrails have a much longer life expectancy. This can save a substantial amount of money because the hand railings don’t need to be changed as often, considering that some can last upwards of fifty years and, even in the most extreme outdoor conditions, galvanised steel has a life expectancy of at least twenty-five years.

Since galvanised handrails require little maintenance, this also helps to keep long-term costs down. This is especially important when railings are installed in remote locations.

Even inspection of these hand railings is relatively simple because it is a simple matter of visual inspection. A simple visual assessment is usually enough because the process itself guarantees that if the coating looks sound, then it usually is.

Galvanised coatings are generally preferred because they corrode first, before the steel itself is affected. This means that small areas where the underlying metal has been exposed do not need to be repaired as the coating will corrode first.

Generally, the initial cost of galvanised handrails is lower due to the fact that the galvanisation process itself is not as labour intensive as the application of other coatings. Since galvanisation results in a very durable coating, these hand railings are also highly resistant during transport and installation, meaning there is little chance of mechanical damage occurring.

Galvanised Handrails Are Easier to Install

Due to the fact that galvanized handrails are ready to use when they are delivered, this means installation time is much faster. There is no need to waste time on preparing surfaces on-site or painting or even inspection. Galvanised handrails can be installed as soon as they are delivered.

Galvanisation Ensures Complete Protection

Every square millimetre of a handrail that has been subjected to the galvanisation process is protected. This is because items are usually dipped into the zinc coating and no other process can provide the complete protection galvanisation can.

Galvanised handrails are usually the best option for both indoor and outdoor applications where corrosion could be a problem or simply in cases where durability, life expectancy and costs are vital. The galvanisation process results in a sparkly, speckled coating which is also quite attractive, so aesthetic appeal is not a problem.

Therefore, wherever steel balustrades have been installed, you should seriously consider galvanised handrails as they will last much longer and are definitely more cost-effective in the long-term. If you opt for the modular balustrade systems from Moddex, you can save even more money due to the speedy installation. Additionally, no toxic fumes will result from welding, so you won’t need any special permits. These systems can be easily and quickly installed. Additionally, all products are fully compliant with Australian Standards and are extremely durable.