Benefits of Galvanised Balustrades

What are balustrades and why should you be interested in them? A balustrade is a combination of a baluster and a handrail. A baluster is the row of posts that hold up a stairway handrail. Balustrades are beneficial in a few ways. First, they provide support for buildings in places such as balconies, terraces porches and staircases. Second, they are considered to be a beautiful design element for your home or office. Last, they are used as a form of safety in places where businesses have to be concerned about crowd control.

Style, Support and Protection

Simply put, balustrades are stylish and not only support stairways and balconies, but they also keep you safe. Just imagine what your home’s stairway would look like without railings. Can you imagine the safety issues that would arise if you got up in the middle of the night and had to walk down the stairs to the kitchen and there wasn’t anything on the stairs to keep you from falling? Think about the potential danger that your children would be in without the aid of staircase railings. Balustrades form the support that makes railings possible. Without them, everyone in your home would be susceptible to more accidents and other hidden dangers.

Targeting the domestic market in which we don’t service…maybe use a similar concept for balustrade at a school, where children could fall rather than at home.

Different Types of Material

Balustrades are available in all types of different materials such as glass, wood, stones or other types of strong materials. Depending on the style of the office, home or setting, the owner can choose any type of material for the manufacture of balustrades.

Steel Balustrades

However, when it comes to balustrade construction, most are made from steel. Steel is one of the toughest metals on earth. Considering that the main function of a balustrade is to provide support and protection, it is no wonder that steel is one of the most popular materials used in their construction. It is sturdy, durable and can be moulded into different shapes to form the architectural designs that the home or business owner desires.

Suited to Australia’s Harsh Climate

In fact, galvanized steel is a popular choice for exterior balustrades because it is rust proof and very resistant to corrosion. With the high humidity in Australia this is a benefit indeed. Not only do exterior steel balustrades have to provide a solid barrier for crowd control, but they also must be able to stand up to the elements of harsh elements. This is why galvanised steel is a perfect material for the balustrades that are manufactured and utilized throughout Australia.

Australia has some pretty harsh weather conditions and companies need to know that they can get quality handrails, guardrails or balustrades from a reliable source. Moddex Systems manufactures balustrades and delivers them throughout Australia. They provide barrier solutions for places such as parking lots, parks, universities, city streets and any other public place that needs to address the issue of crowd control. Not only are these barrier solutions safe, but they are able to withstand the rough weather conditions of Australia.

All in all, if you are looking for balustrades or barrier solutions for your home or office, then Moddex System’s team of experts can help you find what you are looking for. They have affordable barrier solutions that can be delivered to all parts of Australia. Balustrades have many functions such as providing support and protection. Although they are manufactured in many different types of material, steel is one of the most popular ones due to its versatility. Galvanised steel balustrades are very popular because they can take on the harshness of the Australian climate. No matter what type of modular construction systems you might need, Moddex Systems is there to help.