EZIBILT: Simple Modular Trolley Bay Systems

The perfect solution for commercial and industrial spaces, Moddex’s innovative Ezibilt modular trolley bay system is now distributed across Australia and New Zealand.

Ezibilt Modular Trolley Bays: Enhancing Public Safety, Organisation

If you run a shopping complex, local supermarket, or are in charge of any other public space such as an airport, having a safe and organised area to store and keep trolleys is imperative for public safety.

ASSISTRAIL: Innovating Disability Hand Rails

Proudly announcing the latest innovation from Moddex, the Assistrail Disability Handrail is now available for distribution across Australia.

Assistrail Disability Handrails: Protecting those who need it most

When it comes to implementing cost effective, regulation hand rails for the disabled at your public outdoor space, you can’t go past Assistrail Disability Handrails.

CONECTABAL: Versatile Balustrading for Commercial & Industrial Improvement

Renowned for creating and distributing the highest quality industrial and workplace safety solutions, Moddex announces the release of their CONECTABAL Balustrading System.

CONECTABAL: Modular Balustrading Improving Public Safety

When it comes to installing affordable, durable, and versatile balustrading at your public, industrial, or commercial premises you need the CONECTABAL Balustrading System from Moddex. This affordable, modular designed innovation allows for easy installation with no-welding.

SAFESTOP: Pedestrian Guard Rails to Improve Safety at your Workplace

Are you looking for the most cost effective and easy way of improving safety around pedestrian walkways at your workplace? Moddex has the solution for you with their innovative SAFESTOP pedestrian barrier systems.

SAFESTOP: Revolutionising Pedestrian Safety in Australia

The latest offering from global safety provider Moddex is their no-weld modular SAFESTOP pedestrian hand rails.

Improve Safety with Modular Handrails in Brisbane Public and Industrial Locations

There are many instances where installing handrails can improve safety for residents in and around Brisbane. Most people associate the need for these alongside public walking tracks that cross creeks, streams or rivers.

Moddex Offers Impressive Handrails to Perth Businesses

When it comes to handrails in Perth, there are all kinds of businesses that require them. In fact, businesses actually need them more than you might think. If you’re one of the many businesses .

Steel Balustrades: What You Need to Know

Steel balustrades and guardrails are needed by businesses of all shapes and sizes for a wide range of purposes. In some cases, these balustrades mark off sections or simply serve as a handrail for pedestrians.

Benefits of Galvanised Balustrades

What are balustrades and why should you be interested in them? A balustrade is a combination of a baluster and a handrail. A baluster is the row of posts that hold up a stairway handrail.

Moddex Systems delivers robust pipe clamp and handrail fittings

Moddex continues to deliver unprecedented value for money to a variety of industries requiring handrails, balustrades and guardrails for the protection of both people and equipment.

Moddex Modular Solutions Reduces Costs and Improves Safety

Moddex Systems offers companies a cost-effective solution in terms of handrails, balustrades and barriers. The modular nature of their products that use pipe clamp fittings instead of welding means that installation is not only faster and cheaper, but also much safer.

Handrails: Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and All Parts of Australia

Does your company need affordable, quick and safe barrier solutions? Moddex Systems has inexpensive and fast prefinished solutions that can be installed without extra outside labour or permits.

Improve Safety with Quality Balustrades and Handrails

A variety of businesses need handrail, balustrade and barrier solutions and Moddex Systems provides all of that and more.

Metal Balustrades and Handrails for Safety in Commercial Areas

Safety is one of the key considerations for most commercial organisations. This can be safety for employees and contractors working on-site, but it can encompass safety for any public access areas as well. They can be used as pedestrian barriers to improve safety, as well as highlight any potentially hazardous areas.

The Benefits of Galvanised Handrails

Railings are a mandatory safety feature in many applications, from staircases in the home to barriers used to ensure workplace safety. Handrails are also used in a variety of situations where support is required, providing assistance to persons with disabilities, for example.